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Project Description
AnalyticBMPApproximation is a demo program for segmentation raster images around interest points.
It is developed in Microsoft Visual Sudio Comunity 2013, using C++11, WinAPI and DirectX.
The executable file runs in Windows 8.


Purpose and Functions
The targeted audience for this project are developers. The purpose of this project is to devise algorithm for another project (Outliner, to tackle stroke intersections. In this project, the problem is solved to segment a circle around a distinctive point(interest point). However, the problem of uniting this project with Outliner is pending.
The user interface of AnalyticBMPApproximation has two windows. The main window shows the loaded raster file and a selected point. The magnifier window shows a part of the picture around the selected point, approximation of the bitmap with polynomial from (x, y), a circle around the selected point and a segmentation of this circle into distinct colors.

Addition to License Agreement
The same as for the Outliner project:
1. I expect this project will be a testing ground for refining the particular segmentation algorithm.
2. Everybody would abstain from patenting the improvements of the algorithms implemented in this project
for at least several years, say up till 2021.
3. With every modification, the AnalyticatBMPApproximation project will continue to use the free IDE and compiler.
4. The developers and users of this and derived products will adhere to the fair use principle:
do not harm people or environment but with one exception: the criminals, terrorists and
their instigators can be targeted and hunted.

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